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ALL KOTE LINING, INC. provides the Phoenix Valley’s premier restoration and cleaning services for cooling towers, chiller tubes, steel and fiberglass storage tanks as well as end bell coatings.  We also offer industrial cooling tower repair and fill replacement to restore your cooling tower’s efficiency.

Our top of the line services will have your cooling tower array performing at optimum levels while preserving and extending their longevity. We truly can handle any of your cooling tower repair or maintenance needs and we service all cooling tower types and stylesContact us today and get your cooling towers back into prime working condition. We offer many repair and maintenance services, including the following:

Cooling Tower

Cooling towers require regular maintenance to prevent corrosion, maintain efficiency, and avoid growing potentially hazardous germs such as Legionella.  The parts in your cooling tower such as spray nozzles, drift eliminators, motors and more may need replacing if they’ve worn out.

Cooling Tower

Cooling towers deal with large volumes of water and air flowing through them.  Debris comes from outside in the form of leaves and other airborne debris.  Our cooling tower cleaning service removes the debris, scaling, and other problems that will foul your cooling tower and reduce efficiency.

Cooling Tower

Our cooling tower restoration service restores your cooling tower to like new condition.  It saves commercial and industrial operations thousands of dollars by restoring the cooling tower they have instead of buying a whole new cooling tower system and paying to have it installed.

  • Cooling Tower Rehabilitation
  • Studies And Upgrades
  • Tube Sheet
  • Drift Eliminators And Air Intake Louvers
  • Fiberglass Coating
  • PVC Fill Packing
  • Chillers Epoxy Coated
  • Tube Sheets Epoxy Coated
  • Sandblasting 
  • End Bells
  • Chillers
  • End Bells Epoxy Coated

A cooling tower’s life expectancy is around 15 to 25 years. Replacing a cooling towers is costly. Instead of replacing your cooling tower All Kote offers cooling tower restoration.  This an excellent option that extends the life of your existing cooling tower. Restoration or refurbishment saves a significant amount of money and helps ensure that you have a cooling tower that is up to the job. Cooling tower restoration replaces parts and reconditions the cooling tower so that it is in like new condition. This means that it will have another 15 to 20 years of useful life and at a fraction of the cost of replacing the cooling tower with a new one.

Cooling towers have a naturally humid environment. This constant humidity paired with contaminants in the water and dust in the air cause clogging in the fill media, and spray nozzles. The humidity also causes corrosion to the metal parts such as the water level controls of the cooling tower. When the metallic parts are corroded and rusting they are not as strong as they were originally and can lead to the structural failure of the cooling tower.

The clogging of media or nozzles dramatically reduces the thermal efficiency of the cooling tower. This means the system has to run harder and longer to get the job done. It uses more energy to achieve the same goal. Any plastic components also tend to wear out. Heat causes plastic parts to become brittle and tend need to be replaced.

For cooling towers to achieve the performance they were designed with clean is done and coatings are applied. The interior of the cooling tower and all of its parts are thoroughly cleaned. Sandblasting is used to remove corrosion from the metal parts and to remove any old coatings.

After the sandblasting is done a coating is applied to protect all of the metal and concrete parts. Flexible stripping is added to seams to make the system water tight. Restoration removes the clogging and reconditions the interior of the tower and makes it new again.

Fill media spends the most time in contact with cooling tower water. For this reason it is also prone to getting clogs and having reduced efficiency. Restoration generally includes the replacement of the fill material. The thermal capacity of the cooling tower is reliant on how the fill media performs. If it is old or clogged there are less open channels for the air to cool the water going through the cooling tower.

Some older cooling towers use wood as fill material. During cooling tower restoration replacing wood media with trickle pads or splash fill media is a opportunity for cooling towers to achieve much greater energy efficiency and maintenance.

GRP is a composite material that is corrosive resistant, durable, and very strong. Replacing elements of cooling towers with GRP parts is a cost effective way to maximize efficiency. GRP is also a very customizable material. This means that it can be made into just about any specifications needed for a particular cooling tower. This durability and ease of customizing parts makes GRP a preferred material for the replacement of cooling tower elements

With energy costs always on the rise proper cooling tower maintenance is more important than ever.  Well maintained cooling towers use less energy and last longer.  When it uses less electricity and lasts more years it will help keep your company more profitable. Cooling towers that are neglected suffer from corrosion, scaling, fouling, and simply cannot do their job properly.  They draw more and more energy to satisfy the needs of the property they serve.  This translates into higher operating costs and overhead.  In fact for every 2 degrees your cooling tower temperature rises you’ll use 6% more electricity.

If you’d like to save up to 15 percent on your commercial or industrial electricity costs these simple maintenance tips can help you save money.  Regular maintenance also will help you save on water and extend the life of your cooling equipment.

What you need to know – A step by step guide to help you

  • Listen for any unusual noises to set a baseline which will help you notice any possible problems. Also check the condition of the unit as a whole.
  • If it requires some hands on work make sure that you follow the lock-out protocol and disconnect the motor switches to make sure you’re working safely.
  • Clean debris from strainers to keep the system clear from excess materials and inspect it thoroughly.
  • Take a look at the water distribution system and keep an eye out for dry areas over the fill coil area. This will help avoid scale buildup and help add years to the system’s lifespan.  If the surface is not fully wetted, inspect the nozzles for cracks and clogs.
  • Flush debris and dirt from the cold water basin out the tower drain or use a sump strainer to maintain water filtration and prevent dirt from collecting.
  • To conserve water and reduce air entrainment check the makeup water supply for the predetermined water level that is considered appropriate.
  • To prevent an accumulation of solids from recirculating water match the bleed rate according to your local evaporation rate regulations and local water quality.
  • Address any tension issues on the belt to ensure the best belt-drive system performance.
  • Following the manufacturer’s recommendations make sure to routinely check oil level, shaft alignment, oil quality if you’ve got a gear driven system.
  • Lubricate fan shaft bearings on a quarterly interval at the very least to ensure proper operation. Consider talking to the professionals about installing automatic bearing greasers that will save you on monthly maintenance.

The frequency of your maintenance can vary depending on the condition of the water and environment in which you operate your machinery.  Solid maintenance habits will help avoid failure and increase the lifespan of your cooling tower.

Cooling Tower Maintenance AZ
Keeping up with all the steps that you need to take to just keep one part of your operation functioning up to its full potential is a time consuming project.  It takes training and education to understand how to effectively perform the routine maintenance that these towers require.  Using dedicated professionals who only do this day in and day out will help your bottom line when it comes to man hours, training, extending the life of your cooling tower and even helping to cut energy costs through ensuring optimal performance.  Let the experts at All Kote use their expertise, skills, and specialized tools to take the headache and guesswork out of maintaining these critical parts of your operation.

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