Industrial Chiller Repair & Maintenance

If you’re searching for industrial chiller repair service, industrial chiller maintenancechiller tube cleaning, or chiller epoxy coatings near me; All Kote Lining, Inc can help!  We have the tools, training, and dedication to quality you need for your commercial or industrial property in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe, or anywhere in the Phoenix Valley.   We proudly provide Arizona’s best chiller maintenance service along with reliable repairs. We offer a comprehensive line of coatings from protective to powder as well as a full line of repair services for chillers and chiller tubes. Receive a free industrial chiller repair & maintenance quote today by giving us a call at 480-966-4446.

What is an Industrial Chiller?

Industrial Chillers are large refrigeration systems that dehumidifies air or cools a process fluid in commercial and industrial facilities. A/C Chiller systems are designed to cool large industrial or commercial building and facilities who’s are conditioning systems need more power to cool the facility efficiently. Chillers typically use an absorption cycle or vapor compression to provide the cooling effect. There are a variety of application for chilled water, such as process uses and space cooling. Industrial and Commercial chillers are built to perform at max efficiency. Chiller maintenance needs to be done on a regular basis to keep your chiller performing at optimal efficiency level.

Chiller repair, service, and maintenance, coatings All Kote Linining Inc Phoenix, AZ
Chiller repair and service, coating, Phoenix AZ

Industrial Chillers are extremely complex and large pieces of equipment.  Due to their complexity they should only be worked on, maintained and serviced by dedicated experts and technicians.  All Kote Lining, Inc is your Phoenix experts with the experience and knowledge to safely maintain, service, or repair your commercial chiller in Arizona.

Complete Satisfaction & Responsive Service – All Kote Lining works hard to make sure all your concerns are addressed, your chiller repair is done right the first time and your downtime is minimized.  We can handle all your industrial and commercial chiller and refrigeration needs.

All Kote Lining’s Chiller Repair Technicians have experience in repairing and servicing all types of brand of chiller equipment.   We can maintain, service, and repair Trane chillers, Carrier chillers, Edwards Engineering Chillers, ArcticChill Chillers, York chillers, Koolant Koolers, Temptek Inc chillers, Berg Chilling Systems, Dunham-Bush Chillers, Chiller Solutions, and Budzar Industries.

Types of Industrial Chillers

Industrial chillers are rated by the tons of cooling they can provide.  They are rated between 1 ton to 1,000 tons of cooling ability.  The size of industrial chiller needed for a property will depend on the region, application, and size of the building.  There are three types of industrial chillers: water, air, and evaporative chillers.   Beyond that there are 4 technology types that facilitate the chiller’s operation: absorption, screw driven, reciprocating, and centrifugal chillers.  The last three of those types of chillers are mechanical type chillers while an absorption chiller is powered by a heat source and has no moving parts.

Industrial Chiller Repair Services

  • Protective Chiller Coating Cleaning & Restoration
  • Sandblasting & Restoration of Protective Coatings on Chillers
  • Face Tubes – Coat Tube Sheets – End Bell Coatings
  • Heat Exchange Maintenance
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Water Chiller Repair & Replacement

Industrial-Chiller-RepairChillers are very large and complex units. Due to the scope of these sort of repairs, industrial chiller repairs should only be performed by trained chiller repair professionals. All Kote Lining, Inc. are Arizona’s chiller repair experts and have the knowledge and experience required to repair, maintain, or service commercial chiller in Phoenix, AZ.  There’s no job too big or too small for industrial chiller repair in Phoenix, and all of the outlying areas in the Phoenix area. 

Ultimate satisfaction, responsiveness and experience – is what you get when you choose All Kote Lining Inc for your commercial and industrial refrigeration and chiller maintenance needs. Our professional technicians respect your time and make great efforts to minimize the downtime of your equipment. Look to All Kote Lining, Inc. to maximize your refrigeration equipment’s performance and ensure peak economy and efficiency.

Our Commercial Chiller Repair Technicians have experience in servicing and repairing all brands and types of manufacturer equipment! We can service, repair, and maintenance Carrier Chillers, Trane chillers, Edwards Engineering Chiller, York Chillers, ArcticChill Chillers, Temptek, Inc Chillers, Koolant Koolers, Berg Chilling Systems, Chiller Solutions, Dunham-Bush Chillers, and Budzar Industries.

Industrial Chiller Maintenance & Optimization

  • Quarterly inspections of the chiller
  • Frequent refrigerant leak checks
  • Make sure compressor pressures are operating within range
  • Use sub cooling temperature and superheat readings to reach maximum efficiency
  • Check amps, voltages, and motor
  • Check relays, contactors, and electrical starters
  • Check un-loader operations and hot gas
  • Discharge line readings should be obtained

In Commercial buildings HVAC systems account for more than 40% of the total energy used.  An enormous portion of that energy cost goes into the chiller.  There’s little doubt as to why engineers, building owners, and property managers are seeking methods that can reduce cots and save energy

Chiller Repair

Industrial Chiller Maintenance & Optimization Processes

To get the most out of your chiller and the investment you are making into the comfort of your clients and customers the process needs to thorough as it is well thought out. There are three basic phases: evaluation, implementation, and measurement/verification. Download our chiller maintenance checklist

Evaluation – This process evaluates three phases to identify what steps can be taken to improve efficiency and lower the energy costs for your business.   The breakdown of our process is as follows.

  • Control System – What type of controls are being used and how is it being controlled?  Is the equipment calibrated correctly and sufficient for the system?  Evaluate the control strategies that control the sequencing of the equipment.  The pressures used and the temperatures are also evaluated to see how much the energy efficiency could be improved.
  • The Mechanical infrastructure – The first step is taking a close look a the original chiller design, what it the original requirements were and create a baseline of measurements for operations.  The condition of the equipment is also looked at individually and how well it’s still connected together, including how well it’s been maintained.  Power consumption is also evaluated on the basis of temperatures, flow, heat, and pressures.
  • Operational Evaluation – Taking into consideration your location’s climate and it’s daily operational activities, equipment, and activities your system will be evaluated to see if it’s adequate for your current needs.

Implementation – Once All Kote has a clear idea of your business’s equipment condition, site, and activities we will be able to give a list of recommended chiller repairs and maintenance.  This can range from adjustments to the control system, control strategy, mechanical system and/or additional training for the operators responsible for using the system.

Verification and Measurement – This step ensures the proper operation of the mechanical and control components utilizing instruments and existing facility management systems.  Using this information we can calculate your system’s operating state and quickly identify areas not performing up to their design or even identify system failures that could be costing you a lot of money in energy costs.  This will help develop a plan to provide services and maximize energy efficiency.

Chiller Tube Cleaning

All Kote Lining, Inc is the premier chiller tube cleaning expert in Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize in on-site condenser cleaning, chiller tube cleaning and heat exchanger tube cleaning.

We provide the most effective chiller tube cleaning services you can encounter.

Our Chiller Tube Cleaning Process:

  • Valve off the chiller
  • Drain condenser/evaporator
  • Remove heads/end covers
  • Brush the condenser and evaporator tubes clean
  • Clean gasket sufaces
  • Replace gaskets if needed
  • Put the system back together again

We can also check your tubes for deterioration or damage to the tubes. Should you need chiller tube replacement or repair, we can provide that too!

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