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At All Kote Lining, Inc. we offer the Phoenix Valley’s best FRP Lining service.  Our professional team installs fiberglass linings to extend the life of your fiberglass tanks and steel tanks.  Our lining service is the perfect corrosion prevention and repair solution to extend the life of your storage tanks.  Whether you’re storing chemicals, wastewater, fresh water, or other materials our linings are formulated to help protect the interior and exterior of your tanks. 

Fiberglass Linings For Steel Tanks & Fiberglass Tanks – Fiberglass tanks and steel tanks are susceptible to internal corrosion or erosion from storing corrosive chemicals, substances, and liquids. Even very small amounts of a corrosive substance can prove very problematic over time. If neglected, fiberglass tanks can lose their integrity because of these harsh substances, begin to leak or even fail.  Call today to learn more about fiberglass and steel tank linings or give us a call at 480-966-4446.

Fiberglass Tank Repair

All Kote provides Fiberglass Tank Repair services in the event that your tank is suffering from a damaged corrosion barrier, the overall structural integrity of your vessel may still be in tact. If this is the case, our technicians will install a new corrosion barrier that will allow your tank to safely and efficiently storing your products again. 

Tank Inspection

While noticing the spot that your tank has a leak or damage might be simple, inspecting the overall condition of your tank take a trained and detailed technician. Our field technicians perform thorough inspections of your tanks for any signs of degradation, corrosion, or damage. Knowing the full story of the condition of your tanks helps you know what is wrong, and helps us provide reliable repairs.

Repair Plan

Once the fiberglass tank inspection is complete and we have an overall accurate picture of the condition of your fiberglass tank including all damage, structural issues, and leaking areas we can provide the plan to repair your tanks. This will involve repairing any damaged sections, applying coatings to prevent further degradation, and protect the overall condition of your fiberglass storage tanks.

Repair Quote

With the detailed approach to repair and a full inspection of your tanks the quote we provide to repair your storage tanks will be detailed and accurate. We make every effort to make the process simple to understand and affordable for the customer. Ultimately our goal is always customer satisfaction and we aim to solve all of your storage tank needs no matter what kind of chemical, water, or resource you store in them.

Guaranteed Repairs

When we recondition and repair your tanks we stand behind the quality of our work with a 5 year warranty.  Downtime for excessive repairs is simply bad for business and our goal is to thoroughly inspect, repair, and warranty out work so you will have the peace of mind you need. Quality repairs also help you avoid lost resources or spills that are costly to replace or clean up. Ultimately, we want our services to ease worry in your operations.

Fiberglass Tank Repair Phoenix AZ

FRP Tank Lining Installation

Municipalities and businesses are starting to shift away from replacing the bottom of steel tanks and shifting towards FRP Tank lining systems. Installing a FRP tank lining includes applying putty, primer, catalyzed resin with a sealcoat and glass mat. For proper FRP lining application the tank should be dry and have a properly prepped surface. The FRP Steel Tank Lining process is less expensive than replacing the steel tank bottom. This savings helps communities stay on track with their budgets and free up money for other projects. 

Fiberglass Tank Lining Applications:

Fiberglass (FRP) Tank Lining protects all types of storage tanks but has additional applications.

Other applications of FRP tank lining include:

  • Fuel Tank & Oil Tank Corrosion Resistance
  • Food Fiberglass Tank Liners For Processing
  • Acid Tank Corrosion Resistance
  • Concrete Tank Re-lining

Interior & Exterior Fiberglass Steel Tank Linings

All Kote Lining, Inc uses the latest advances in compatible glass media & veil systems, along specific polymer matrixes to apply FRP linings to the interiors of fiberglass tanks before the corrosive materials stored can have an corrosive effect. We provide interior and exterior FRP steel tank linings. 

Benefits of Lining Tanks With Fiberglass

The most obvious benefit of steel tank liners is that is saves you the cost of replacing your tank.

Other benefits of fiberglass tank liners include:

  • Smooth, easy to clean surface
  • Protects tank from UV rays
  • Low down-time
  • Tank liners will adhere to many surfaces

Fiberglass Lining Extends The Life Of Your Storage Tanks

Fiberglass linings protect storage tanks from corrosion and extend the life of steel tanks. Avoid replacing your steel tanks by allowing our team to line them with fiberglass. Fiberglass tank lining is be used to build a new storage tank from the outside in using only the existing shell.

At All Kote Lining Inc we offer fiberglass tank liners that protect and extend life of commercial tanks that store fuel, chemicals, food, or water. We have the knowledge and expertise to install fiberglass lining systems without removing the tank.

Re-lining of fiberglass tanks takes place when existing tanks previously held a specific type of product but needs to be used to store a different type of product. This service ensures that there is no cross contamination between stored products and chemicals.

Routine Maintenance Inspection and cleaning of all composite/FRP tanks is recommended. Potential problems can usually be avoided all together with regular maintenance programs design to preserve the interior top layers of reinforced plastic composite. Safety is key for your business, so finding a company that understands that the Valley of the Sun can be a harsh environment and knows what it’s nuances are is an important step in keeping your tanks in good condition. You can trust All Kote to provide you with the best fiberglass coatings in Phoenix!

Our Fiberglass Services We Offer:

  • Fibierglass Tanks
  • Fiberglass Tank Rehabilitation
  • Fiberglass Tank Repair
  • Fiberglass Tank Linings
  • Ceramic Coating Maintenance
  • Steel Tank Rehabilitation
  • Steel Tank Repair
  • Steel Tank Linings
  • Fiberglass Sandblasting
  • Professional Sandblasting
  • Fiberglass Tank Sandblasting
  • Fiberglass Tank Coatings
  • Fiberglass Fabricators
  • Steel Tank Sandblasting
  • Steel Tank Coating
  • Steel Fabricators
  • Sandblasting & Refinishing Services
  • Epoxy Coating Maintenance
  • Petroleum Tank Repair & Lining
  • FRP Tank Coatings
  • Hydrastone/Hot Water Tank Lining
  • Water Tank Lining & Repair
  • Laminate/Fiberglass Tank Repair
  • Chemical Tank Relining
  • Steel Fabricators
  • Surface Preparation & Corrosion Protection
  • Steel Tank Repair / Steel Tank Lining

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