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Cooling Tower Coatings, Repairs, Inspections, Rebuilds, Maintenance & Cleaning

Since 1983, All-Kote Lining Inc. has offered premier cooling tower coatings, repair, and rehabilitation. We service commercial and industrial cooling towers and chillers throughout the Phoenix & Tempe, AZ area.

If you own or manage a company that’s in the market for Cooling Tower Liners & Coatings, Shield Coatings, Cooling Tower Repairs, Cooling Tower Fill Media Packing Replacement, Fiberglass Repairs, Restoration & Sandblasting in the Phoenix AZ metro area, look no further than All Kote Lining, Inc! We are capable of handle anything you may need when it comes to repairing cooling towers or Fiberglass in the harsh Arizona climate. Whether you need cooling tower fans, cooling tower fiberglass packing, cooling tower/chiller coatings or cooling tower maintenance and cleaning, we have you covered at All Kote Lining Inc.

Cooling Tower Services We Offer:

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Office: 480-966-4446

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