Cooling Tower Coatings

If you’re searching for “cooling tower coatings“, “cooling tower epoxy paint” or “cooling tower lining” in Phoenix, ArizonaAll Kote Lining Inc can help!  We provide the highest quality coatings and cooling tower sealant in Phoenix. We offer corrosion protective cooling tower coatings and linings with durable and high quality epoxy paint.

Cooling Tower Coatings Prevent Corrosion

The interior of cooling tower tanks are prone to corroding, rusting, and leaking.  Epoxy coatings or cooling tower liners can be installed to seal and eliminate all leaks and protect the interior of the cooling tower. Belzona 1321 is a elastomeric, flexible coating that coats the inside of the cooling tower.  It remains flexible after implementation for durability. Remaining elastic allows a tech to enter the cooling tower, tools and all, without the risk of cracking hard shelled coatings or having the coating flake out or chip. Hot water basins, side casing panels and cold water basins can all be coated to eliminate stop leaks, corrosion and increase the life of your cooling tower.

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Cooling Tower Tank Lining & Epoxy Paint Coatings

Cooling towers which are leaking can cause serious damage to surrounding roof and other areas that incur excess waste and water. Cooling tower liners help minimize rust and leaking in cold and hot water basins. Also, epoxy coatings may be applied to the (exterior) outside of the cooling tower to eliminate corrosion and rust.  This keeps your building safe and extends the life of your cooling tower system.

Epoxy Cooling Tower Coating Demonstration Video

Now Offering the Durable Belzona 1321 Coating!

Belzona Coating 1321 All Kote Phoenix AZ

Our ceramic filled 2-part epoxy coating is designed to provide corrosion and erosion resistance on metal and concrete surfaces. This epoxy coating is solvent free, has exceptional chemical resistance, and has the capability of bonding to nearly any rigid surface. It can also be used to create a perfect shim due to its incredible compressive strength. The coating material is simple to mix together and apply without requiring special tools. It also cures close to room temperature removing the need for hot work.

Benefits Of Cooling Tower Coatings:

  • Long-term corrosion and erosion protection
  • Exceptional bonding to nearly any rigid surface including aluminum, brass, steel, copper, glass and reinforced plastics.
  • Good compressive strength
  • Great resistance to a wide variety of chemicals
  • Reduced safety and health risks due to being solvent free
  • No expansion, shrinkage or distortion
  • Can be cured and applied at room temperature
  • Longer life
  • Easy to mix with simple ratios

Belzona 1321 Applications (Ceramic S-Metal) include:

  • Internal coating for positive displacement and centrifugal pumps
  • Long-term corrosion and erosion resistance for water boxes, heat exchangers and tube sheets
  • Protection of gate and butterfly valves, fans, kort nozzles from corrosion, erosion and cavitation
  • Pipe elbows protection
  • Structural High-strength adhesive good for bonding metal
  • Creation of irregular load bearing shims

Complete Cooling Tower & Tank Epoxy Coating & Lining Services:

If your cooling towers coatings are wearing down or you have a new cooling tower or tank that needs to be protected All Kote Lining, Inc. can help!  We have the highest quality and longest lasting epoxy coatings that will extend the lifespan of both your cooling towers and chillers along with storage tanks.  To find out what we can to for your commercial or industrial location please let call us today by calling 480-966-4446.

We Look Forward to Serving You In the Very Near Future… All Kote Lining, Inc. offers cooling tower coatings in Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria and surrounding valley cities.

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