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According to The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Technical Manual, all cooling towers must be thoroughly disinfected a minimum of twice per year. “Cooling towers should be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year. Normally this maintenance will be performed before initial start-up at the beginning of the cooling season and after shutdown in the fall.”

This requirement is intended to prevent the development of Legionella in cooling towers.  It is important to prevent this as it will lead to outbreaks of Legionnaries’ Disease. If there is an outbreak of Legionnaries’s disease it is more than simply an occupational health hazard, but a public health hazard too. Cleaning and disinfecting the entire cooling tower system twice a year helps keep the public healthy, and your workers on the job.  Neglecting this responsibility can lead to outbreaks and potential fines for your company.

The OSHA Technical Manual – Section III: Chapter 7

Tower Cleaning and Maintenance

The fan housing must be meticulously scrubbed clean and disinfected. This is a common problem area; chemical treatment cannot always prevent bacteria or scale from getting a strong hold in these areas. Vapors from the air cause condensation to form, scale & biological growth can be difficult to remove with traditional on-line treatment programs. All Kote will clean and disinfect this area in an effort to prevent the spread of airborne pathogens and minimize the risk of corrosion.

Basin Cleaning and Maintenance

Tower basins need to be cleaned and disinfected as well. These large volume areas are particularly critical as they see a large amount of the cooling water. This area pools and allows bacteria to grow. This water is also warm, oxygen rich and provides a great breeding ground for biological activity. Cleaning, disinfecting and adding the proper chemicals to the end or startup of your cooling season can only enhance your overall water treatment program.  This means you will avoid potential downtime doing unnecessary maintenance during the operating season. 

Rust Repairs & Linings

If the interior of a cooling tower is corroding, rusting, or leaking a liner can be installed to terminate corrosion and seal all leaks. They are a unique multi-component epoxy designed to quickly and permanently seal, repair, and repair leaking and corroded towers. Cold water basins, side casing panels, and hot water basins can all be coated to terminate corrosion, stop leaks, and extend the life of your cooling tower.

Leaking cooling towers can damage surrounding areas and roofs and incur excessive water usage and waste. A liner terminates leaking and prevents further rusting in the hot or cold water basins. They also help reduce water usage and loss of chemically treated water.  All of this adds up to longer equipment life and lower operating costs. 

Cooling Tower Distribution Pan Cleaning and Maintenance

These areas can easily become clogged with debris that is not effectively removed from the system through normal filtration. All distribution pans should be opened and cleaned providing increased water flow. Reduction in flow from clogged distributors can reduce the tower ability to cool water tremendously. Left untreated, this can cause major increases in energy usage.

Efficient and Custom Cleaning of Your Tower Pack Components

Complete Water Solutions innovative cooling tower pack cleaning system has been specially developed to allow the cleaning of cooling tower pack components. This high performance cleaning service is especially useful where it is not practical to remove the tower fill packing.

Complete Water Solutions cooling tower chemical cleaning service works to create a highly effective, stabilized wet foam that penetrates deep into the tower packing cleaning, descaling and disinfecting as it progresses through the tower. The foam is mildly acidic so as to remove inorganic scales.

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