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How To Seal An Outdoor Fountain Leak

How To Seal A Fountain Leak 21

If an outdoor fountain has cracks, it can cause leaks!

If you’ve got a crack and are searching for how to seal a fountain leak this post will help!  An outdoor water fountain can be in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and made of many different materials, which gives you the ability to tailor it to go with your landscape or garden. Over a period of time, your fountain can become chipped or even cracked, due to the weather and several other forces of nature.  To fix leaks you should use an outdoor fountain sealant and the right application process to repair your fountain.

Epoxy or Silicone Sealant for Water Leaks 

If cracks are caught early enough, they can be repaired, keeping them from becoming worse, or totally UN-repairable.  The material that is used to repair a fountain will naturally depend on what the fountain was initially made with. Epoxy-based materials for patching generally will work best for fountains made from concrete, and fountains made from metal or fiberglass work well with a waterproof silicone, or similar fillers.

What You Will Need To Seal The Fountain:

  • Chisel or a similar brush
  • Stiff bristled brush
  • Caulking gun, which is optional.
  • An Epoxy patching compound, concrete sealant or silicone sealant or another similar concrete sealant material.

Using Sealant To Fix A Fountain Leak

Steps to seal your outdoor fountain leak:

1. Drain The Fountain:

All the water will need to be drained from the fountain, after turning off the water pump. Let the fountain sit without any water in it for 1 week, making certain that both the fountain, as well as the crack itself are thoroughly dry.

Make a note of all cracks to be repaired. The smaller cracks might be harder to detect while the fountain is still wet, so wait until it is dry and check for cracks again. The smaller cracks are going to show-up white when the fountain is dry, if the fountain is made of concrete.

2. Clean Up The Cracks

The cracks need to be cleaned using a stiff brush to get any dirt or debris out which might be trapped. If dirt is left inside of the cracks it can prevent any sealant used from bonding as it should to the fountain.

Using a chisel open the cracks just enough that there will be enough room for the sealant to penetrate. Any tool will work in a pinch. However, never apply excess force to open a crack, as it can create more damage. Once the cracks have been opened they need to be brushed one more time to be certain all the debris is out.

3. Prepare Your Sealant Material

Get the sealant material ready to use. When using epoxy-based patch compound, mix-up the components and let them cure. When using a silicone-based sealant, place the sealant tube into the caulking gun.

Being careful to fill the cracks completely, apply the sealant. Using a putty knife or something similar, help the sealant go into the cracks and make certain each of the cracks gets covered.

The sealant needs to dry completely. After it is dry, it may need to be sanded, in order for the surfaces to line up with the fountain. Now you apply waterproof concrete sealant or if desired, paint.

4. Re-fill The Fountain With Water

Now the fountain can be refilled, and the pump turned on again. The fountain will need to be closely monitored for a while to make sure there are no leaks left behind. If there are leaks, it means that a few more cracks will need to be filled, or it could be that there is a leak in the pump itself or the plumbing of the fountain.

Professional Outdoor Water Fountain Repair & Resurfacing

If you’re struggling to seal the cracks, don’t have the tools, or the time to repair your outdoor water fountain, give the professional water fountain repair and resurfacing experts at All Kote Lining, Inc a call today at 480-966-4446.  We will find the cracks in your outdoor fountain and seal them so your water fountain runs trouble free for many years to come.

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Outdoor Water Fountain Repair Tips

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Outdoor Water Fountain Repair Tips

Water fountains are a great visual centerpiece for public spaces, businesses, and residential properties. As they are many times the focal point of a landscape they need to be maintained and kept beautiful.  Read through our outdoor water fountain repair tips.  These will cover water fountain cracks and other issues that degrade the function and appearance of your water fountain.

How To Repair An Outdoor Concrete Water Fountain

An outdoor water fountain can be a great addition to landscaping, coming in various sizes, shapes, and materials. However, with time the elements are able to affect the water fountain, causing cracks or chips. The majority of fountain cracks are repairable; given they are caught prior to being a major crack. The material for repairing a fountain crack will depend on the fountain material. For example, a concrete fountain is often repaired with epoxy-based patches, while fiberglass or metal fountains are best repaired with waterproof silicone.

Below are 8 steps to repair your outdoor water fountain:

  1. Power down the fountain pump, drain the water out of the fountain. You will want the fountain to sit without water for about one week, allowing the fountain and crack to be completely dry. If rain is expected, cover with a tarp to prevent wetness.
  2. Identify the cracks that will need repairing. Smaller cracks might not be easily visible when wet, but after drying it is easier to locate the small cracks. If you have a concrete fountain, cracks will be white when dry.
  3. Use a stiff-bristle brush for cleaning cracks, this removes any dirt or debris that got trapped within the crack. If dirt is not removed, it can reduce the effectiveness of sealant used to bond the cracks.
  4. Using a chisel, slightly open cracks to provide room for the sealant to sufficiently penetrate and harden. Other tools can be used if needed. You should avoid applying excessive force, as this can result in more damage. Using the brush, remove any debris.
  5. Prepare your sealant material. If an epoxy-based patch is being used, you will mix the components together so they can start the curing process. For silicone sealants, you will use a caulking gun.
  6. When you apply the sealant, ensure the cracks are fully filled. Using a putty knife, you can make sure the cracks are penetrated with the sealant, so cracks are fully covered with an even coat.
  7. You will need to give the sealant the proper period of time for drying. Then, if needed you can sand the sealant to provide an even surface inside the fountain. If desired, you can apply paint or waterproofing concrete sealant.
  8. You are now ready to refill the water fountain and power the pump on. You will want to monitor your fountain to ensure the repaired cracks do not leak, and that no new leaks have appeared. If you see new leaks, this can be a sign of additional cracks needing repaired, or a leak in the fountain plumbing or pump.

Things You Need:

  • Chisel (optional)
  • Stiff-bristle brush
  • Caulking gun (optional)
  • Epoxy patch, silicone based sealant or other type of sealant
  • Sandpaper (optional)
  • Putty Knife
  • Paint or liquid concrete sealant (optional)

Water Fountain Repair Tips

Here are the most common problems with water fountains and the solutions to fix them. Also see our outdoor water fountain troubleshooting guide.

Finding & Repairing Leaks

Leaks in water fountains waste water which needs to be replaced.  Locating the leak can be a little tricky, carefully check your fountain over and visually inspect it for leaks. If that doesn’t work you should let your water sit for about a week.  The cracks in your fountain should show up as white areas around the base.  When your fountain is made from fiberglass or stone you can repair these leaks with clear silicone.  This is a similar repair to those done on aquariums.

Broken or Clogged Water Pumps

Water fountains mean water which moves, and it doesn’t do that with a water pump that is out of commission. Many times when water moves slowly or stops it can be a clogged filter. It should be cleaned periodically to keep the water moving freely and reduce strain on your water pump.  Water fountains are typically outdoors and these filters can have leaves, twigs, trash, or any kind of debris which clogs the flow of water.

Broken Fountain Repair

From time to time fountains will be damaged from kids, landscaping crews, or other types of visitors.  Fountains can be repaired with quality epoxy.  Find a epoxy rated for your type of material and has a strong holding strength.  Mix it up, apply it to the broken section, set it back where it belongs and hold it for several minutes. Let the section dry once you have got the piece to stay.

Stone Fountain Chip Repairs

Stone water fountains can chip under blunt force, but can be fixed easily.  Fountain owners can use a blend of mortar to fill in any chips on the fountain. Follow directions on the product you purchase and ensure that it does not have large stones that you typically find it cement. You will want to be able to create a smooth surface with a trowel and allow it to dry.  If it isn’t exactly the same color as your stone you can paint over it to help it blend in and match.

Sealing Old Concrete Water Fountains

Old concrete water fountains have the same challenges that most concrete structures have, cracks and penetration into the concrete.  This can cause spalling, which is when water reaches and corrodes the metal rebar inside the concrete and it expands.  When this happens it causes sections of concrete to fall off the surface. To prevent this waterproof sealant is important for any water holding concrete structure.  You can hire a water fountain restoration company which can come and apply quality sealants which will protect your water fountain.  These waterproof sealants are long lasting and will help extend the life and beauty of your fountain.

Resin Water Fountain Damage Repairs

Some water fountains are made from resin and need repair when they have leaks or pieces break off. All you need is some fiberglass cloth and resin to repair these problems.  Apply the cloth and resin over the cracked or broken areas, allow it to dry, and paint if needed. Make sure the area is completely dried and cured before you add water back to your fountain.

Outdoor Water Fountain Repair In Arizona

If your outdoor water fountain is damaged, leaking, and needs to be resealed with a quality coating All Kote Lining, Inc. is here to serve you.  Our high quality and durable coatings provide reliable and long lasting leak protection.  The coatings we install are rated to withstand the water and chemicals you use to keep the water clean in your fountain.  Our team can help you extend the life of your fountain and help it stay looking great! For Outdoor Water Fountain Repair In Phoenix, give All Kote Lining a call today at 480-966-4446.